Photography tours are very popular so make sure to book well in advance.

The experience of this hunting safari is rather exciting, especially if your weapon of choice is a camera. Shooting from a different angle brings you up close and personal with the daily life of the Wildlife Photographer. Early morning drives will allow great shots of Buffalo, Wild Dogs, Antelope, and White lions to name but a few.

The professional photographer on board allows the guest to achieve the best photogenic qualities of the location, locals, animals, and the incredible Birds of Prey. Light is important and affects the quality of the shoot. The photographer knows this and will guide the tour to allow the guest to experience the correct designated time to photograph the wildlife.This unique safari will challenge your knowledge of nature and photography, you will leave having learned some new tricks of the trade.

However, this is not a photographic workshop, it is merely a relaxed casual safari with fellow photography enthusiasts. Each shoot is a unique experience. The quantity of guests on the safari is kept in balance so that the tours are not too large, that way capturing and identifying the best opportunity for the best shot is not difficult at all. The photographer will guide you in taking the best photographs.

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This is an experience that never grows old. Whether you go out at dusk or dawn you are sure to see some if not all of the magnificent Big Five as well as smaller animals. This safari offers one a real feel of the magnificent Entabeni reserve and the beauty of the animals.

The Safari guide will supply you with a wealth of information on the animals and the area. The trip starts very early, and breakfast will be in the form of a picnic snack box at the first campsite with beverages.

The Safari drive is limited to six people at a time, we regret that children under 6 are NOT allowed on these drives. On booking the Safari you will be supplied with a list of what you need to take along. As well as a brochure on the various animals.

Lunch will be a braai in the veld, then a leisurely drive back to Buffelshuis.

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Various interesting and diverse routes are on offer, so make sure to book your tour and plan well ahead.

Electric Bike Tours have been planned for the guest who would like to leisure in the saddle, enjoying comfortable biking of all terrain without feeling tired. The E-Bike allows you the affordability of the electric motor boost when you are going uphill, so you do not have to peddle furiously and use all your energy which you could rather use to enjoy the scenery. It is really the best of both worlds, as you still need to peddle and you get a fair amount of cardiovascular exercise, the only difference is at times you can rely on the electric motor to assist a bit.

The various routes have been laid out with careful planning to give the guest the best experience of the environment and of the animals , while the guest determines his own relaxed pace. However, a guide will accompany the guests at all times to supply necessary information.

Tour includes:

  • Resolute tour guide.
  • Lunch break at one of the watering holes, so make sure to have your cameras ready.
  • A care pack with Sun-peak, insect repellent, Lip
  • Balm, Sunscreen, water, and a snack.
  • Information booklet rich with information regarding the fauna and flora of the area, Birds of Prey, Sabel Antelope, White Lions and some of the smaller species.
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The African bush is home to the secret world of the Raptors, the silent hunters of the air!

An immensely popular tour for schools, young adults, team building, families, avid hunters, and birders. The tour is an informative and educational experience.

On arrival, you will be informed of the procedure regarding safety, and what to expect. The tour is delivered in a variety of illustrated talks and direct approaches. The focus is on highlighting the conservation of magnificent Birds of Prey. Our team is passionate while trained and equipped to share their knowledge with you. Enjoy the experience while they take you on a journey of discovering the interesting facts and background of the various Birds of Prey.

Encompassed in the tour are the “Raptor “as well as the “Piscivore” predators. The Raptors such as Owls, Falcons, Eagles, Hawks, and Vultures eat mainly meat while the Piscivores such as Heron, Storks, and Flamingo eat mostly fish. Raptors are excellent hunters, equipped with sharp vision, large wings, hooked bills, and powerful talons to tear meat.

The duration of the tour is 6 hours and the group departs just after breakfast at 8. Included in your tour is the following.

  • Route map of your tour.
  • Educational informational booklet with stunning photographs pertaining to each bird of prey.
  • Includes a light lunch at one of the camps on route
  • Cold Drinks for the day.
  • Safety pack with Sun cap, Wet wipes, Lip balm, Sunscreen, and insect repellent.
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The Lodge has designated and scenic paths laid out for horse riding. The day excursions will always be accompanied by a guide and start off early morning with a packed Picnic breakfast at 10:00 which will be enjoyed at the first camp stop. As the trail meanders over the set path, you will be able to see some of the antelope at a distance as well as smaller animals such as the Mongoose, Bat-eared Foxes, Guinea fowl, Rabbits, etc.

This is a very enjoyable day trail for a family as the guide is very knowledgeable about the animals and fauna and flora. At lunchtime, the guests will stop at a rest camp with ablution blocks and the guide will prepare a BBQ lunch while they just relax. The last part of the trail will take you back to the main lodge where you can cool off in the pool and enjoy a Pizza or Burger in the restaurant. The horseback tour is a firm family favourite. Also fun for relaxed team building.

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